Our Fast-Track Prenatal Class and Fast-Track Breastfeeding Classes are 3 hour Private Classes with a focus on your personal needs, in the comfort and convenience of your home.  Group One Day Prenatal Class also available.

Fast Track Prenatal Class

Whether you are planning a natural hospital or home birth, a VBAC, or are thinking about an epidural, induction, or cesarean birth, our Fast-Track Prenatal Class will teach you how to make informed choices and birth calmly, confidently and more comfortably. Birth partners will also become more relaxed and self-assured as you learn how to support mother during this exciting time.

We will be exploring tools and techniques to let go of fears, and become serene and centred during pregnancy and the birth process. We will also learn what questions to ask our Doctor or Midwife about any pregnancy or birth issue, test or procedure so you can make educated, confident decisions about your care.  Discover how to avoid needing an epidural or cesarean section and what you can do if you are one of the small percentage of women who need them.

Postpartum life and breastfeeding comes more naturally, and easily for mothers who are prepared.  Find out what you can do both before and after the birth to make sure you get off to the best start in breastfeeding, and a smoother transition into parenthood.  We learn breastfeeding cues, latching and positioning.  Night-time parenting and sleep will also be discussed.    

Cost is $120.  Group One Day Prenatal Class also available.  Contact Us to register.

Fast Track Breastfeeding Class 

Both first-time and experienced parents will learn tips and tricks to make the transition to breastfeeding and parenting your new baby as smooth as possible. 

We help you set the stage for breastfeeding success.  You will learn how to prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy, how simple childbirth and newborn care practices will support  your breastfeeding experience, and what your newborn will expect in the moments following birth.  We will also learn what type of breastfeeding help you can expect from midwives, nurses, doulas & doctors, and where to turn for help when you have breastfeeding questions.  

We will focus on postpartum wellness, getting breastfeeding off to a great start, early feeding cues, overcoming common difficulties, sleep and the breastfeeding family, and starting solids. You will also learn hands-on Baby Wearing techniques and you will learn how to nurse your baby in a sling.  Baby wearing is our favourite parenting tool, especially if you have other children at home! 

Cost is $120.  Group One Day Prenatal Class also available.  Please Contact Us to register.

Added Bonus:  Are you excited and want to learn more?  Drop In to our Mindful Mothering Cafes and Meetups to continue learning and sharing with other mothers until and after your baby is born.  This continuum of care is another reason Mindful Mothering so unique, effective and popular.  

"An overdue but heartfelt thank you to Amanda and Jodi for an amazing prenatal class. It is easy to see why our midwives referred us to you. If anyone is considering taking their class I highly recommend it! As I approach my due date I realize how prepared and calm I feel as I await labour to start and a big part of that is the knowledge that myself and my husband acquired in our class. It feels strange to even say class, it was a private meeting in our home that felt like a educational conversation with friends. Thank you again for all of your suggestions and advice! Baby will be here anytime now and we're so glad that you helped us prepare!" -Jenn, Norfolk County

"I was so glad to have a Private Class.  It helped my husband and I greatly!  So many great tips and advice that helped make my labour a good experience.  I read many books, was part of mom online forums to learn...but talking to Amanda was what helped most!"  Sarah, Oxford County

"The Mindful Mothering Prenatal Class provided us with the knowledge and skills...to have a magnificent birth experience.  Mindful Mothering will be the first call I make when I am planning my next birth!" Kelly, Elgin County

"The Mindful Mothering Prenatal Class taught me how to support my wife during her pregnancy and childbirth.  Thankfully, with Mindful Mothering's help the parenthood experience has been very positive and enjoyable for both me and my wife" Dr. L., London, ON

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