Eating for Two  Cafe

How-To Eat Your Way to a Healthy Pregnancy & Postpartum

Trying to Conceive?  Morning Sickness?  Heartburn?  High Blood Sugar?  Leg cramps?  High Blood Pressure?  Group B Strep +?  Complications at Birth?  Induction?  Operative Birth?  Low Milk Supply?  Breastfeeding Difficulties?

It could be what you are (not) eating!

In these fun, motivating and informative nutrition classes you will learn

  • how diet affects your amazing pregnant body and your baby's birth experience
  • delicious & easy recipes for the whole family
  • simple and safe tricks to ease common pregnancy discomforts
  • how to eat your way to an easier labour and birth
  • snack and meal ideas to speed postpartum recovery
  • how you can overcome breastfeeding difficulties by eating these foods
  • signs that baby is ready for solids
  • how to make your own baby food using the most nutritious first foods
  • how to continue breastfeeding while working outside the home
  • you are what you eat, and so is your baby!

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