Get Ready for your Visit


It is helpful if your baby is ready to eat at the time of your appointment. 

Having a laptop or a helper available during your appointment makes it easier for us to see your latch.

How do I prepare for an onlineVisit?

Before your appointment we will send you an email via OTN with instructions and a link. If it isn’t in your inbox please check your Promotions and Junkmail boxes. Please go to the "Prepare" section and download the app according to your phone type, ALLOWING CAMERA, MIC AND CALENDAR. ***In the body of the email there is a link to TEST YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION and please visit the eVISIT HELP CENTRE link if you have connection issues.  Please use WiFi and not your phone data, unless you have better reception on data.  You may have to power down/disconnect from wifi all other devices and sit near your wifi router for best signal.  Please make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in, and not on battery saver mode.  When it is time for your appointment please go back to the Email and CLICK the "Start eVisit" Button. Thank you for your patience, I will be with you as soon as possible. 

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